Sorties de la semaine 09/02

Africa Express – Africa Express Presents … Terry Riley In C (Transgressive Records) CD / LP
Call Of The Void – Ageless (Relapse) CD /LP
Johnny Thunders – Looking For Johnny (Jungle) 2CD
Drug Church – Swell (No Sleep Records) LP
Anders & Kendall – Wild Chorus (Nine Miles Records) CD / LP
Marvin Etzioni – Marvin Country! (Nine Miles Records) CD / LP
Shinyribs – Well After a While (Nine Miles Records) CD
Shinyribs – Gulf Coast Museum (Nine Miles Records) CD
Patrick Sweany – Every Hour Is A Dollar Gone (Nine Miles Records) CD / LP
Patrick Sweany – Close To The Floor (Nine Miles Records) CD / LP
Patrick Sweany – That Old Southern Bag (Nine Miles Records) CD
Patrick Sweany Band – Henryforbedroom (Nine Miles Records) CD
Monster Rally & Jay Stone – Foreign Pedestrians (Gold Robot Records) LP
Shahrokh Dini – Bechno (Composit Black Label) 12″
ZS – XE (Northen Spy) CD / LP
Cornershop – Judy Sucks a Lemon for Breakfast (Ample Play) CD / 2LP
Cornershop – Cornershop and the Double O Groove of (Ample Play) CD
Cornershop – Urban Turban (Ample Play) CD / LP
Cornershop – What did the Hippie have in his Bag (Ample Play) 7″
Cornershop – Hold On It’s Easy (Ample Play) LP
Findlay Napier – VIP Very Intersting Person (Cherrygroove) CD
Jake Xerces Fussell – Jake Xerces Fussell (Paradise of Bachelors) CD / LP
Christian Bland & The Revelators – The Unseen Green Obscene (Burger Records) CS
Joel Gion – Apple Bonkers (Burger Records) CS
– Clement Umongongo – Extraordinaire (Burger Records) CS
– Coathangers – Suck My Shirt (Burger Records) CS
– Cutty Flam – Robot Heart (Burger Records) CS
– Dude York – Dehumanize (Burger Records) CS
– Elephant Stone – The Three Poisons (Burger Records) CS
– Emily’s Army – Swim (Burger Records) CS
– Froth – Patterns (Burger Records) CS
– Grape Street – Free Stuff EP (Burger Records) CS
– Colleen Green – Miles Goest to Campton (Burger Records) CS
– Colleen Green – Cujo (Burger Records) CS
– Dany James – Pear (Burger Records) CD / LP / CS
– Juniper Rising – Day of Days (Burger Records) CS
– King Tuff – Black Moon Spell (Burger Records) CS
– Labryyyth – Labryyyth (Burger Records) CS
– Lenguas Largas – Come On in (Burger Records) CS
– Metabodies – Metabodies (Burger Records) CS
– Melted Toys – Melted Toys (Burger Records) CS
– Part Time – Last Night With David Loca (Burger Records) CS
– Michael Rault – Still Not Sad (Burger Records) CS
– Pastilla – Sentidos Saturdos (Burger Records) CS
– Jonah Ray – Hello Mr Plane Person, Hello (Burger Records) CS
– Devon Williams – Gilding The Lilly (Burger Records) CS
– Yacht Club – Burnt Cream EP (Burger Records) CS
– V/A – Dangerous Compilation Vol1 (Burger Records) CS
– V/A – Dangerous Compilation Vol2 (Burger Records) CS

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