FEMMINIELLI – Double Invitation

« Let your heart speak the truth… listen to the hushed tones and distant melodies of your inner soul. Love is the only thing worth living. It hurts, it burns, it sings to me at night. You’ve been playing games with me. I won’t let it last anymore… I will take control. There have been times where I felt abandoned, I felt betrayed. The truth is, no one will ever know. It’s time for me to leave, to live a different existence. I stare into the mirror… gone… truly gone. I know it’s time for me to end it all. I invite you to share a glimpse inside, inside the maze of my emotions. Voices in my head, spinning. I remember it all… a tale I lived, a tale of seduction and betrayal. I will sing for you, my love. Listen closely… close your eyes. You will feel the poison sink inside you, drinking yourself to sleep. A deep and dangerous sleep. Dreams of reality have long disappeared. Control… they all want control. They won’t have me. No one will… The phone rings, I won’t answer… just to hear your voice one last time. Seduced and thrilled, my head spinning. The television shines upon your naked body… videos of us together. Dancing, lost inside ourselves… spinning. One last poem, one last dance to the rhythm of the endless night. My body feels weightless, my tears have evaporated and have left no traces. There will be no traces… maybe a note, maybe a song, maybe a lingering melody… near the piano, where my body lay. They will find me… and they will drive me to a silent place. Buenas noches mi amor… xx » Femminielli

Le nouvel opéra cosmique de Femminielli « Double Invitation » est un aperçu glacial de l’esprit du maître. Le mix parfait entre le groove dansant et les sonorités célestes, ces expéditions nocturnes seront une échappée facile dans vos rêves. Accompagné d’une poésie espagnole sensuelle et mystérieuse qui entraîne l’auditeur au cœur d’un labyrinthe de plaisirs sonores. 

Après une série de sortie sur cassettes uniquement, Femminielli sort son premier album sur desire. Six titres de rythmes de cosmic disco pure et d’ambiances psychédéliques.


1 - Actriz

2 – Double Invitation

3 – ¿A Que Quieres Jugar?

4 – Performance Video

5 – El Ultimo Tango Para Mi

6 - Chauffeur

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album : Double Invitation
format : CD/LP
Date de sortie : 26/11/2012
référence :
Genre : electro
label : desire